When in Rome

I travel a lot. If you’re not new to my blog then you already know that!

So: I was having a conversation the other day on Skype with a storytelling lady in America and she asked about my story.

I’m a Traveller

I love living in different places and now I have just arrived in Breda, Holland. It’s a beautiful town with lovely old buildings and cobbled streets in the centre, flanked by canals and more modern houses and green spaces towards the outskirts.

I found an apartment right in the ‘Centrum’ on a paved narrow street above restaurants and shops. The car has to be parked some way away, so the best mode of transport in Breda is a Dutch bike.11178254_838649269522904_6364540595405470813_n

Day 2 in Breda = 2nd hand bikes located and bought…with shopping crates attached to the front for the supermarket trips. As I said….. when in Rome 🙂

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