Meet the Handbag Maker: Sujatha

Meet Sujatha.Shona Easton Handbag maker Sujatha

It’s 4 years now since she came to work at our rural Indian workshop which is in a converted farm in the village where she lives.

Sujatha is 33 years old and has a 7 year old son. Before she came to work with us, Sujatha was a housewife and looked after her young son but then Sujatha’s husband, Gangaraj, died and so she is now the main earner in her family. Our workshop hours are 9am to 5.30pm so Sujatha’s son is able to go to the local school while his mum is at work.

When she joined, our leather making experts showed Sujatha one skill at a time and now she is able to work in many different areas of the workshop, having ‘graduated’ to a fully skilled member of staff.

All our designs are individually handmade and the different skills involved include cutting and skivving leather, putting component parts together and then stitching it all together. That’s a quick summary, there’ll be more details to follow in other posts.

The photo of Sujatha was taken on April 14th 2016, just ahead of Fashion Revolution Week.

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