Prize Draw Day – Leather Overnight Bag


Today is the day that I promised to announce the winner of my leather overnight bag prize draw.

All you had to do to enter was to either re-tweet my blog on Twitter or leave a comment on the post itself, easy! There were quite a number of entrants and the winner is about to find out it’s them!

I’ve been at the Boutique Manchester trade fair all day and so it seemed perfect to ask one of the show organisers to draw the winners name for me. During a quiet moment, I put all the entrants names into a bag and asked show organiser Mike Bonser to draw the winner!

And the winner is:

Suzanne Lake

Suzanne was one of the entrants who left a comment on the blog, so I’m not sure if she’s on Twitter but her name above links to her Facebook page.

View Suzanne’s and the other comments.

Suzanne may now choose whether she wants a magenta or purple overnight bag.

Thank you to all of you who entered my competition, whether through the comments box and or through Twitter. Thanks too to those who even sent out my post though Google+ and Facebook aswell!

For all the others who entered, if you would like to purchase one of these bags at a very special 50% off, then please email me and I will send you a half price discount code to use online.

This offer is only valid for those who entered the competition!

Well done Suzanne! Happy Travelling with your new bag!

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