International Women’s Day 2018

Today, on International Women’s Day, I’m posting 24 photos of International Women with my designs. Scroll down to see the first 12 here or if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be seeing all 24 today – one per hour, every hour of the day. If you don’t do Twitter don’t worry, I’ll post the 2nd lot of 12 here tomorrow.

I love the fact that my bags get taken all over the world. But did you know that they are actually international, even before they are aquired by their new owners?


International Bags?

Yep. Firstly the idea comes from me and I could be anywhere. Sometimes my best ideas come when I’m travelling, so I could have been at 36000 feet when I designed YOUR handbag! If I’m on the ground, then I may have had some inspiration in UK, France, India…

The bags are all made in India, in my ethical workshop in a rural village about 3 hours from Chennai.

The fabrics come from all over the world – depending on where I found them. At the moment I’m very much into using Scottish tweeds, particularly Harris tweed and fine wool tweeds from Johnstons of Elgin.

The leather may be from the UK, India or Italy, although it perhaps originated in Australia, North or South America!

So with all that international pedigree already, we just need to know where YOU take your new bag once you’ve got it!


My 2018 International Women

International Woman # 1, Belinda Grashion

Splitting her time between Barbados and the UK, Belinda Grashion is my first International Woman. Belinda is a multi millionaire property developer and Shona Easton handbag owner. Here she is with her purple suede Queen B handbag.


International Woman #2, The Duchess of Cambridge

OK, she doesn’t actually own a Shona Easton handbag (or maybe she does and I don’t know about it!) but Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has been in my Nicky tote many times 🙂


International Woman #3, Mystery Woman in the desert

I totally loved this photo when my Mum sent it to me. She spotted this woman on a desert tour in Namibia, carrying one of my ‘Morocco’ stripey silk bags from a few years ago. I wonder if this mystery woman will spot herself in my social media posts one day!


International Woman #4, Julie Buck

I met international woman Julie Buck in Doha, Qatar. Here she is, on tour in Abu Dhabi, with her mango shoulder bag.


International Woman #5, Elizabeth O’Shea

When famous parenting expert Elizabeth O’Shea asked me if I’d like some #BagsOnTour photos from her trip to New York, of course I said YES please!!! I love the way she’s colour co-ordinating the turquoise Roanne tote with her teal outfit.


International Woman #6, Nicky Kriel

Social Media expert Nicky Kriel is a truly International woman. She’s just about to go to Doha, Qatar (again) to train business people in social media, having spent the (UK) winter in Cape Town, South Africa and then travelling to California, via the UK. It’s a good job she has so many Shona Easton handbags to choose from 🙂


International Woman #7, Amanda Ruiz

The Entrepreneurs PR guru Amanda Ruiz might just have hot pink as her favourite colour! Here she is travelling into London with her pink Queen B handbag. She’s not afraid of being noticed. I love it!


International Woman #8, Me!

When you get invited on a millionaires yacht for a champagne brunch, there’s only one answer – YES please!!! This was taken a few years ago, sailing out from the Dubai marina. My Martha bag (named after Martha Fraser, my 9th International woman!) was the perfect accessory in Dubai as it doubled as a large statement handbag, as well as being a great beach bag.


International Woman #9, Martha Fraser

Here’s Martha Fraser, online business expert, being interviewed in Galway, Ireland. She doesn’t go out to a meeting without her mango business card holder – an essential business accessory!


International Woman #10, Tamsen Garrie

Author and business trainer Tamsen Garrie likes her corporate colour so much, she wears it too. My turquoise Roanne tote was the perfect business bag for her look. I love this photo – just one of the many she’s sent to me as part of my #BagsOnTour series.


International Woman #11, Melina Abbott

When business consultant Melina Abbott and I realised we were going on the same ladies business day out, she asked me to bring her lastest purchase to the event. Here she is on the boat ride to No Man’s Land fort in the solent with her new yellow tote. How to brighten up everyone’s day? Get a yellow bag!


International Woman #12, Melanie Bundock

Coach and mentor Melanie Bundock, originally did a ‘wearer trial’ for me when I first designed my Annie purses. This is the fabulous photo she sent me to go with her review of the blue Annie purse.

So that’s my first 12 International women for International Women’s Day 2018. See the next 12 today on Twitter, or come back here tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



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