Handbag Review: Cross body shoulder bag

This is the final review of 3 of my new designs for 2014. We’ve had 6 ladies reviewing different colours in the cross body shoulder bag, the mini hobo and the pockets tote bag.Julie Buck and bag 1a

This review, of the Mango shoulder bag, is from Julie Buck. Julie runs a marketing consultancy, MATER and although she is based in the Middle East, she travels a lot.

Q 1. What was your 1st impression of the bag you chose?

Julie: Just as expected, thank you…I chose it because I wanted an ‘across-the-shoulder’ bag for travelling…and it’s PERFECT.

Q 2. Was the colour and size as expected?

Julie: LOVE the bright colour (mango) and yes, size was as I thought (perfect size, very spacious)…for travelling it fits in everything I need: my travel wallet (another Shona-designed one), glasses, documents, mini headphones, wallet, phones, book and mini iPad…all safe and secure.

Q 3. The price of your bag (in UK including VAT) is £49 how do you think it measures up to value for money?

Julie: It’s good value for a good quality leather bag…all of my ‘Shona bags’ are lasting extremely well, especially considering how much ‘abuse’ they get when I travel with them! Excellent value for money.

Q 4. How many times have you used it so far?

Julie: I have literally used it EVERY day since receiving it…and it’s already travelled far and wide! From Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the UK, back to Dubai, then on to Doha, over to India and now back in Doha! It’s a very well-travelled bag!!

 Q 5. Has anyone commented on your new bag? What did they say?

Julie: My friends love its vibrant colour…they see me coming!!!

Thank you Julie. You’re travelling as much, if not more than me 🙂

Photo: Julie on her travels.

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