Fashion Revolution Week 2017: Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, my rural Indian workshop is approximately 3 hours drive from Chennai, so today I’m posting a few photos from the route to the village and the oudoor area surrounding the workshop.

This is the local temple, seen from the garden surrounding the workshop.

Just over a year ago, the temple was painted gold. I took this photo from the doorway of the workshop, looking over the flooded paved area to the temple behind the garden. There were terrible floods in the Chennai area in December 2015 but we were lucky in the countryside as it mostly drained away quite quickly.

Leaving the city in the early moring to drive the 3 hours to the rural workshop. Tuk tuks parked overnight are about to get busy again as the city wakes up.

We often stop at the border temple as we pass from Tamil Nadu into Andhra Pradesh. My Indian colleague likes to spend a peaceful five minutes at the temple after the stressful drive.

I don’t want to intrude, so I take photos of it from behind the surrounding wall.

A Hindu God watches from behind the trees.

And cows roam freely in the village streets.

Someone’s been busy planting new shrubs beside the driveway to the workshop.

And we have bananas in the garden!

A few of my colleagues on the driveway. I’m with Pramilla, our workshop manager, Monica the quality control lady and Masthnamma our book-keeper. All modelling Shona Easton bags from the sample room!

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Until tomorrow 🙂



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