Handbags On Tour. Where Have You Been?

My handbag designs get around, don’t they? Here are a few goodies from a couple of years ago.


Julie Buck and bag 1aJulie Buck, on tour in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates with her mango shoulder bag.

Bag at Arromanches (800x523) (640x418)Me on the beach at Arromanches in Normandy, France. I love my (now very old) purple big shoulder bag.

Mango Satchel 1Alicia’s (my assistant) mango satchel on holiday in Italy.

Social Media expert Nicky Kriel with her grey Martha BagSocial Media expert Nicky Kriel with her Martha bag, posing in Royal company at Madame Tussauds. I love this photo!

Now over to you, please send me your Bags On Tour photos so I can share them for you.

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