T is for Trekker

Shona Easton brown Trekker man bagWhen I designed the Trekker collection of bags, I had ‘busy people on the go’ in mind. The original designs in this range are all made from super durable heavy duty (but not heavy weight) canvas which has been stonewashed to give a softer feel.

I then introduced a design in all leather in a rugged grainy calf (photo left) that will soften and age beautifully with use.

All the Trekker bags have long adjustable shoulder straps to suit all, whether you want to wear it over just one shoulder or across the body for a ‘hands free’ look. The shoulder strap on the holdall is detachable, so it doesn’t need to trail around if you prefer using the hand carrying handles.

I don’t often make so many styles in the same fabric but I just loved the look and feel of the stonewashed khaki canvas when I found it at my favourite textile merchant’s warehouse in Chennai. It’s also a great neutral colour that works with lots of different outfits.

Shona Easton khaki Trekker bags

Left to right above: Trekker small satchel, large satchel and overnight bag.

The Original Trekker Manbag

Shona Easton Trekker BluBlack manbag

Originally, this design came in the khaki canvas as well as the blue/black version seen above. Also a stonewashed canvas, the blue/black is trimmed with black leather and is also super durable, just like the khaki version.

So that’s the whole Trekker collection under T for Trekker. Have a great day!

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One Response to T is for Trekker
  1. Julie Corbett
    August 22, 2016 | 6:11 am

    I really like the Trekker bag. It looks as though you can use it casual or professional!