Annie Purse: First Impressions of a New Design

Here are the first impressions of our new Annie purse design by 2 independent reviewers, Melanie Bundock and Maureen Sharphouse.

Shona Easton Annie PurseMelanie and Maureen were sent 5 questions to answer after receiving their purse for review.

Q 1. We used a courier with a timed prediction service for your delivery. Did you need to change your time slot and how accurate was the delivery time?

Melanie: Delivery was perfect, I got a text in the morning with a time slot and it came within the stated times. I didn’t need to change the time.

Maureen: Courier was on time – and very friendly and polite. I had no need to change the time slot.

Q 2. Was the purse packed nicely? As expected, better than expected or not as nice as expected.

Melanie: The purse was packaged beautifully – better than expected

Maureen: Packaging of purse was gorgeous – loved it – much better than expected. Oozed a quality and stylish product. Loved the grey tissue paper and box.

Q 3. What was your first impression of the design you have to review? (if it is not the style of purse you normally use, please say what you normally use).

Melanie: Initial impression was great – lovely design, love the contrasting colours inside the purse. Yes it would absolutely be the type of purse I would use, particularly an evening out purse as it is big enough to fit my phone and a lippy 🙂 Love the wrist strap too. As a day to day purse, I need more card compartments.

Maureen: Re; design of purse – really impressed and love it – although it is a lot slimmer style to one I would normally have used. Very stylish. Couldn’t fit all my cards in and have had to limit the loose change I carry around – and at the moment have another purse in my handbag with those cards that are out with my normal bank and credit card. Love the purse so much however, I may invest in a stylish separate card holder for all my loyalty cards etc.

Q 4. Please give your first impression of the leather and materials used (more later on this – when it’s been in use!)

Melanie: I love the purse, it is gorgeous!

Maureen: Leather is gorgeous and appears excellent quality. Workmanship excellent too.

Q 5. There is a little credit card inside to explain that this purse has the Card Guard foil inside. Does the info on the card make sense and do you understand why I’m incorporating the foil interlining in to my new wallets?

Melanie: The guard foil is a brilliant idea, particularly as contactless payment is everywhere now and contactless Oyster payments on the underground. I think you can definitely make more of this feature

Maureen: Yes foil interlining information made sense on credit card section. Good idea . Only downside at present is that I am finding the credit card section very tight and having trouble getting my cards in and out. Am hoping  this may become easier the more I use the purse.

Shona: Thank you very much Melanie and Maureen. Yes, Maureen, the card slots will become easier to use as the leather softens with use.

Maureen is reviewing the brown Annie purse and Melanie has a blue one. A big thank you Melanie, for the fabulous photo of you and your blue Annie purse 🙂

Further reviews on Annie after a few weeks of use.

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