Treat Yourself to a little Luxury!


I don’t know about you but I haven’t used a handbag for ages!
2020 and 2021 (so far) have been a bit different to other years, that’s for sure.

So what’s new?

I thought you might be interested to see my fabulous new delivery boxes with deep red interior.
I’m hoping to use them for lots of my designs from now on (as long as the item fits!) but I’ve also put together a couple of luxury accessory sets, where you save when you choose the set (compared to the individual prices).
And while it’s still impossible to go and see your friends & family, this could be a way of sending them a little feel good gift too!

The red nubuck luxury set, comprises:

  • A cosmetics bag (or pencil case, or useful pouch)
  • A matching pen case (pencil case, EpiPen case, Tampax case, etc)
  • A matching thistle flower keyring

This set comes in hot pink also.
And, although I’ve not yet put the other colours together, I can also make up these sets in:

  • Blue (blue cosmetics bag, blue pencase and pink, red or orange thistle keyring)
  • Yellow (yellow cosmetics bag, yellow pencase & orange thistle keyring)
If you like the sound of these, just click buy on one of the available colours and message me with your preferences in the comments box when you check out.

I also found these lovely silver postal boxes. They’re perfect for the sets of smaller items.

Here are a few new ideas for you…

Blue nappa purse & pink thistle flower keyring.

These designs will be delicately wrapped in fine tissue and sent out in my new silver postal box, shown underneath the accessories.

Shop now.





Teal zip around purse and pink Harris tweed heart keyring, trimmed with matching teal leather.

Shop now.






Yellow super soft nappa leather purse and orange thistle flower keyring.

Shop now.






You can see all my other keyrings & gift sets here

Or click here to shop all departments

Bye for now. And thanks for reading.


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