A Bespoke Design, Free Stuff and A Request for Your Ideas

Following my last post about my workshop in rural India and the plight of the ladies who work there, I’ve been thinking of more ideas about how to raise money to pay their wages while they are unable to work (due to Coronavirus lock-down).

Free Stuff

In the next few weeks, I’ll be offering some of my designs for FREE from me – but there’s a slight catch… In return, I’d like a donation from you to my fundraiser for India. And in case you haven’t already heard about this – it’s Shona’s Head Shave for India. I wrote about it in my last post.

In exactly 6 days time my mop of unruly hair will be shaved off in public and it’s all in aid of my talented leather workers in India.

Please check out my Facebook page as I’ll be offering new designs daily, that you can have for FREE in return for a donation. The product & postage is on ME and ALL the funds you donate will go to my fundraiser for India.

If you’re not on Facebook – don’t worry – take a look below for a selection of today’s offers. If you like the look of any of these, please just donate directly and write the name of what you’re donating for in the comment with your donation. Then please email me with your address so I can send the item to you. (UK postal addresses only please).

Today’s FREE Stuff

Please donate £10 or more for one of the following (A, B & C):

A) Thistle key ring
  • Red soft sheepskin suede with dark chocolate brown leather trim.
  • This design is made from off-cuts of leather from our handbags & purse designs so we leave no waste.
  • Thistle size approx. 4cm x 5.5cm and overall length including the flexible leather ‘stem’ is approx. 16cm.
  • This is a brand new design – just in – and is usually £15
  • Donate at least £10 here

B) 2 leather heart keyrings

  • A set of 2 softly padded leather heart keyrings in teal and burnt orange.
  • Perfect for knowing which key is which, why not use one for the back door, one for the front? Or one for the garage, one for the shed!
  • Made from off-cuts of leather from our handbags & purse designs so we leave no waste.
  • The size is 6.5cm x 6.5cm approx and are usually £8.50 each.
  • You get a bargain and my ladies get paid while they’re off work!
  • Win win!
  • Donate at least £10 here

C) Handbag keyring in neutral/stone leather.
  • The flap on this keyring opens to reveal a tiny pouch for keeping a few coins or your supermarket trolley coin.
  • Press stud closure keeps the coins safe inside.
  • Made from off-cuts of leather from our handbags & purse designs so we leave no waste.
  • Embossed with our Easton logo on the back.
  • Approx size: 5.5cm x 5.5cm and usually £12 each.
  • Donate at least £10 here

A Bespoke Design

Have you ever thought that you’d like a bespoke handbag design – just for you? Maybe you’ve never been able to find the kind of bag you’re looking for?

On Thursday, this week, I’ll be launching the AUCTION for A Bespoke Design. If this sounds like something interesting – please look out for the new post, email or find it on Facebook.

Your Ideas Please

I’d love to hear your ideas for fundraising ideas. I’m still planning an auction for some of my top of the range designs but if YOU have any ideas that might work, I’d love to know. Please leave a comment below. Thank you so much.

PS: Thank you if you’ve already donated to my fundraiser for India.

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