Where To Find A New Handbag

Handbags at Normandy InnThe great thing about selling (and designing of course) handbags, is that there are a whole host of different kinds of outlet who want to offer your designs to their customers and clients.

Today, I’m featuring a rural stockist in Normandie, France.

Normandy Inn, France

Kevin and Steve run this amazing B&B or Chambre d’Hotes in the beautiful Normandy countryside. It’s a lovely place to stay, I’ve stayed there many times myself and have recommended it to friends and family.

Since they are a little bit off the beaten track, Kevin and Steve like to offer their guests a few tempting souveniers of their trip. It could be one of my designs, or a modern art print which adorn the walls.

Or you can make your own art by photographing some of the menagerie in their garden 🙂

Normandy Inn & animaux

Next time you stay there, say hi from me!

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