R is for Roanne

Today’s post is about Roanne the tote bag, not Roanne the town. The Roanne tote has had a lot of interest this year, particularly in the turquoise and fuchsia colours (it comes in black leather and a black canvas/leather mix too).

Shona Easton Roanne tote bag in Turq

This #BagsOnTour photo of VIP Club member Tamsen Garrie with her turq Roanne tote was sent to me earlier in the year. I love the fact that a bright coloured handbag can work well in wintery weather as well as in summer sun. And if you look at Tamsen’s website (link on her name above) you can see why she chose this colour – very corporate for her business look!

Shona Easton Roanne Bag tug of war

Another Roanne bag went on a serious #BagsOnTour outing and here’s one of the super funny photos! Thanks to Jackie Groundsell for sending me this pic of her bag in a tug of war with 1230 group members, Jo Wilson and Sarah Arrow. I wonder who won?

Jackie also wrote a review of her Roanne bag on her blog.

Shona Easton Roanne tote at le Mont St Michel

I took my fuchsia Roanne tote to France this year. It’s a great travelling handbag as you can fit lots inside and the exterior pockets mean you can also find things you need quickly. We took a photo opportunity near the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

Shona Easton Roanne Bags

The four current colours/leathers in the Roanne tote design. In the past I’ve made it in brown, tan and deep red, as well as other leather/fabric mixes. It’s been a popular bag – especially for business, although not all laptops will fit inside and now there’s a rival for best business bag: the Queen B!

What kind of bag would you use in business? And would you consider a bright colour or do you always stick to a darker one?

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