Queen B Handbags

Woohoo, the first lot of my Queen B limited edition bags are on their way!

Here are some quick photos taken at the workshop just before they were packed up to be shipped to me.

Shona Easton Queen B bags

We’re making this design in very small lots as firstly, it’s a limited edition (so no more than 10 or 20 will be available in these colours) and secondly, it’s a complicated bag to make so they are all being handmade by our super skilled Kumar, who also makes all my samples.

The initial delivery of a very small number of each colour (hot pink, red and purple) have already very nearly sold out. In fact I only have 2 red and 1 purple still available from this shipment!

If you’d like one and miss out this time, then I’m hoping to get more stock in at the end of August… or before if Kumar can fit it into his workload.

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