New Design: soft leather iPad cover, coming soon.

Here is the 1st protptype sample of my new iPad cover. I designed it to be a protective cover, designed to keep your iPad free from scratches when you are storing or transporting it. The soft leather outer has a zip around 2 sides of the cover to make easy opening to get the ipad in and out. Behind the leather I have added some soft foam for added protection and the lining is made in a red and black shot taffeta fabric. A little bit of colour inside this, the black version.

This, being a new design, is going to be thoroughly tested and reviewed by Jayne (follow her @swingsandpretty on Twitter) and it’s off in the post tonight!

Hopefully there won’t be any snags but we’ll have to wait for Jayne’s review before we put it into production. This 1st sample was made in black but I’m planning other colours including magenta, purple, navy & brown in this soft leather. It will sell for around £45 when it’s available in the Autumn.

If you register an interest now, you’ll get to hear about the stock as soon as it’s in and I’ll throw in a 10% off voucher too!

My iPhone cover is already available in 4 colours. Here’s the black one.

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