My A-Z Travelling Handbag Challenge

In July I completed a 30 day blogging challenge (well 31 actually) which was to publish a post every day, no days off. It was fun and I also enjoyed watching the other challengers publish their posts too. One blog caught my eye as it was an ABC Alphabet Challenge and each day, posts came in with photos and words (for teaching young kids) starting with the letter of the day. It also drew me in because, being called ‘Travel With Mrs T‘, it is mostly about travel and you know I love a bit of that 🙂

So, with Mrs T in mind, I’ve decided to do my own alphabet challenge and post a ‘Bags On Tour’ A to Z for the next 26 days. Tomorrow I’ll start with A and here’s a taster of one of tomorrow’s photos.

Shona Easton Bags On Tour A is for Alesund

I’ve got lots of ideas so far and for most letters, something immediately springs to mind, except X which is proving the most difficult. I may need some suggestions for that one. Maybe a name for a new design? I’ll get designing if you give me some name ideas beginning with X.

Please comment here. Thank you!

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