K is for Kuala Lumpur and Key Clips

Luckily my designs have done a lot of travelling, so I’m not stuck on K!

A Visit To Kuala Lumpur

As part of his world tour, Trekker the manbag visited Kuala Lumpur a few years ago.

Shona Easton Bags on Tour at Petronas Towers KL

Here’s Trekker at the Petronas Towers with his companion, the stone Patty shopper.

Shona Easton Trekker manbag at Petronas Tower

And near the top, with his owner. Hi Dad 🙂

K is for Key Clip

Shona Easton key clip design

Many of my designs have a key clip inside and I always put it about a third of the way down the right hand side seam (inside the bag). The strap is always long enough to reach the bottom of the handbag, so that the keys don’t pull on the seam and split the lining or stitching with their weight. If you’ve got one and are wondering why there is a little clip on a leather strap inside your bag – that’s what it’s for! It’s so you never lose your keys again.

Anyone got any more ideas for K?

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