Just in: iPhone/Blackberry or many uses useful leather case!

I’ve just received a new delivery of my iPhone cases in my fabulous soft nappa leather. They are gorgeous….you just have to FEEL one and I just had to tell you about them!

The soft nappa version comes in 5 colours: Black (with groovy red lining – so not boring!), Brown, Olive, Red and Lilac. There is also a soft grainy leather version in Black, Brown, Apple Green and Purple….so plenty of colours to choose from!

I based this design on the size of the iPhone 4 – which fits snugly into these cases but you can also use them for a Blackberry, another qwerty phone or for many other uses!

I now keep my phone in a soft leather case but have only recently started doing so. I wish I’d had my case sooner though, because my phone is already quite scratched – especially on the screen. The leather case would have protected it and prevented so many scratches! If you keep your phone in your pocket with your coins, you should consider getting a protective case.

These cases are available from some of my stockists and also directly from me.

Thanks for reading this article about them: If you want to try one, let me offer you 25% off with voucher code Blog25 (valid for a limited time only).


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