How to Forget the February Blues

Hasn’t the weather been awful? First there was storm Ciara and then Dennis. One day we had sun, hailstones, horizontal rain and wind that didn’t know what direction it was coming from!

It’s the grey, grey skies that get me down. So I decided to sort out my photos so I can find the one I’m looking for in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes!

That’s when I came across this one, taken the last time I was in India. It was my office for the day – beside the pool at the Madras Boat Club.

I remember that day exactly! The place was deserted as I had planned my trip (by mistake) to co-inside with Diwali and everyone who’d normally be around was at home with their families, celebrating the festival.

My workshop was closed and everyone was off enjoying the holiday.

So I took my ‘office’ outside and spent a lovely day sorting out my business plans beside the pool. Perfect for a dip when it got too hot!

So my Top Tip for banishing the winter grey skies is to look through your photos from sunnier climes.

#BagsOnTour in Madras 🙂

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