Hand Making A Credit Card Case

Ever wondered how your credit card case is made? Well it’s an intricate process involving many steps.

This video shows one of the steps: Putting the credit card pockets and linings together.

As you can see, there is a lot of precise hand work going on and skilled by the eye also.

Each piece of leather is delicately glued to the lining part, then hammered in place before the next card pocket is attached.

The pockets are then all folded into place and once they are attached to the outer part of the leather case, it all goes to the sewing machine for stitching and finishing.

Thank you to my lovely workshop ladies in rural India for allowing us to take a quick video.

Our workshop was set up some years ago at the village where these ladies all live. It means that they were able to secure jobs in their local area, and can be at home every evening with their families. Their income helps with the families expenses and they can send their kids to school.

No child labour. No slave labour (they work 9-5.50 like you and me). It’s our Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion workshop and we’re proud of it.

Here’s the finished product.

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