Grape Smoothie

Grape SmoothieWhat do you drink in the morning?

I used to buy ‘posh’ juices and smoothies (very expensive), then I went onto fresh oranges, lemons and grrapfruit, juiced every morning. That was nice but always the same and quite a lot of cleaning up afterwards.

Then, I bought a second hand blender from a friend who was moving house and de-cluttering. That machine is now the most used thing in my kitchen! You can blend almost anything and the best thing is to try different combinations and see what you like best. Some haven’t been so delicious!

I’ve tried all of the following in various combinations: apples, celery, oranges, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, celery, spinach, lettuce, grapes, banana, all sorts of frozen and fresh berries, ginger, carrot, herbs and much more.

When I find a good one, I post it here under my Food and Things section. That way I can create my own smoothie recipe book and share it with friends too 🙂

This morning’s smoothie, very refreshing.


About 15 grapes

4 raspberries (I use frozen ones)

1/2 a banana

About 200ml fresh apple juice

Mix all together in a blender and serve. Makes 1 glass.

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