G is for Guggenheim, Gina and all things Green

The A-Z of my designs and travelling handbags continues today with all things that start with the letter G.


Shona Easton Guggenheim bag

Me and my turquoise Martha shopper outside the Guggenheim museum in New York on a hot August day in 2013.

Green Things

Shona Easton designs in green

Just a few current designs that come in green. Maia purse, mini handbag keyring, thistle keyring, Pippa cosmetics bag, Shenley shoulder bag, green ikat handbag organiser, pencase (or spec case), Donegal tweed purse and Dieppe handheld.

Gina Shoulder Bag

Shona Easton Gina bags 2016

The Gina shoulder bag is one of my personal favourites. If I’m not using it – I always have it to hand for when I need a small bag that really holds quite a lot. I’ve written about this design before, so you may already know it.

That’s it for G’s. I haven’t been to Guernsey, Greenland or Guatemala… yet!


PS Maybe you have?

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