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Bastille Day: Bags On Tour in France

Celebrating Bastille Day in France with a look back at a few Bags On Tour photos The Roanne pink tote at Le Mont Saint Michel The Martha tote in mango, on your with Le Tour de France in Montpelier, July 2016 Martha on Tour in the vineyards of Bordeaux And again below the Millau viaduct…

A New Life

Sometimes something happens and you just sit back and think about life. This is my 3 day old (step)grandson. Gorgeous 🙂 One day, he’ll inspire me for a new man bag design!

T is for Trekker

When I designed the Trekker collection of bags, I had ‘busy people on the go’ in mind. The original designs in this range are all made from super durable heavy duty (but not heavy weight) canvas which has been stonewashed to give a softer feel. I then introduced a design in all leather in a…

K is for Kuala Lumpur and Key Clips

Luckily my designs have done a lot of travelling, so I’m not stuck on K! A Visit To Kuala Lumpur As part of his world tour, Trekker the manbag visited Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. Here’s Trekker at the Petronas Towers with his companion, the stone Patty shopper. And near the top, with his owner. Hi Dad 🙂…

Man Bag in Germany

Here’s another fabulous Bags On Tour photo. What is the machine modelling the Trekker Man Bag in this pic? Any ideas? Answers on a postcard, or in the comments if you like 🙂

2015 Collection Look Book

Our collections in a ‘look book’ for those who prefer a catalogue format. Trade stockists: Please contact Alicia for further information on 01483 272309. All other enquiries, please send via our website. Thank you.

Alternative Advent: Door 23

December 23rd 2014 Today’s door is the stone archway entrance into the grounds of St Nicolas church in Cranleigh. It was dark as I passed by but my camera phone caught what light there was and this is the result. I like it. Click on the door to see today’s design. Get 25% off this design TODAY…

Alternative Advent: Door 19

19th December 2014 Today’s door is a photo taken a few years ago when I travelled to Bydgoszcz in Poland. Click on the door to see what I have for you today. Get 25% off this design, TODAY ONLY, with voucher code Door19.

Bags On Tour: Trekker the ManBag’s World Tour (part 4)

Hi there, it’s Trekker the ManBag here again, with tales of my latest Tour. This time, I am just back from a Midsummer cruise to Norway and the Arctic Circle. I got a bit wet on my excursions as the weather was quite misty and wet but I’m all dried out now and looking back…

Father’s Day: Some Ideas

Hi There! Father’s Day in the UK is on 17th June this year. That means that between now and then you have less shopping days than usual! Don’t forget we have a 4 day weekend in the UK – bringing the delayed Whitsun holiday and the Queen’s Diamond Julbilee together. Fabulous (if you happen to…