Bags On Tour: Trekker the ManBag’s World Tour (part 4)

Hi there, it’s Trekker the ManBag here again, with tales of my latest Tour. This time, I am just back from a Midsummer cruise to Norway and the Arctic Circle. I got a bit wet on my excursions as the weather was quite misty and wet but I’m all dried out now and looking back at a fabulous holiday.Here I am, sitting on a bench in Tromso with my friend the large pink leather shopper.The view of the monument to mark the edge of the Arctic Circle. This one’s taken from the ship so I’m not in it!

At Nordkapp (North Cape) with the stone large shoulder bag. The numbers in the background indicate that we’re at 71 degrees North, the northernmost point of Europe.One of the particularly wet days at Nordkapp. These statues are part of The Children of the World monument which is made up of 7 giganitc bronze coins, each designed by a child from a different continent and, this Woman and Child. The artworks are designed to promote World peace and friendship and a large monetary prize is awarded each year for the benefit of needy children around the world.

My friend outside the most northerly Post Office in the World, at Ny-Alesund on the Island of Spitsbergen in the Svarlbard archipelago, just 500 miles south of the North Pole at 79 degrees north.On Spitsbergen. Polar bears live here! The warning sign states: Polar Bear Danger. Do not walk beyond this point without a weapon. (I’m not quite sure what will stop the Polar bear coming to my side of the sign!)Thankfully we didn’t meet a live one of these in Norway! Look at the size of him!

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