Bags on Tour – Land’s End

Wow, this picture, taken by Celia on a recent trip to Cornwall, shows her brown ‘Atlanta’ sporty tote bag looking as good as the day she bought it! I thought I was the only person who managed to keep their (older) bags looking this good!

This design was one of the first that I made with a bright contrast colour lining and that is one of the features at Celia likes most about it.

As well as sending me this pic (an another one – to be published later on), Celia has also written her own blog post about her recent trip to Cornwall.

Thank you to Celia for the photo. Don’t forget – when you get a chance to take a picture of your Easton bag, purse or wallet – I’m really looking forward to seeing it and sharing it too!

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More Bags on Tour coming soon……

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