Are Your Contactless Payment Cards Safe?

There’s a love – hate thing going on at the moment with the new contactless credit and debit cards that the banks have started issuing.

Love them or Hate them?

Personally, I like them. They save time and you don’t need to carry cash around any more. I wouldn’t feel happy however, if I didn’t have mine in a purse or wallet with a special ‘Guard-Your-Card’ lining.

The ‘Guard-Your-Card’ lining that I use in my designs is a metallic foil layer, sandwiched between the outer leather and the lining. This means that the contactless payment card inside the wallet or purse is completely safe and protected because it’s impossible to scan the card details through the metallic layer.

Carrying your contactless card in a wallet without a metallic lining could leave you open to having your card details stolen, which then could lead to someone having a spending spree with your card before you realise what’s going on.

I have now heard several stories about this happening and I wrote about my friend’s experience in an earlier post on this subject.

For some people, the answer is to tell your bank you don’t want one of these cards but I say give it a try and see how convenient it is. You just need to make sure your card is safe when you’re not actually using it.

Did you know that unless your cards are in a safe wallet or purse, a contactless card can actually be scanned THROUGH the purse? Scary isn’t it? But that’s how the thieves steal your card details.

The next time you’re in a crowded place – like any high street on a Saturday – have a think about whether your cards are safe. Because if they’re not, someone walking past could be scanning your card details through your handbag and through your non-safe purse! These days, a scanning device could even be a mobile phone. How many people are walking along the same street as you, carrying their phone in their hand? A lot!

NEVER do this…

I was shocked the other week, to actually see a lady, ahead of me in the queue at a large M&S store, pay for her purchase by waving her purse over the card terminal! She didn’t even get the card out of her purse! Now, I thought… everyone around knows that she has a contactless card – AND it’s in a non-safe wallet. An easy target for card thieves!

So just incase you dont believe me that the cards can be scanned while inside your wallet… now you know, they can!

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