An Aerial View

If you live in London or another big city and you travel out of it by airplane, you might have been fortunate enough to get an aerial view of your home/work place as you take off.

I used to have an office on a farm in the Gatwick flight path and I so enjoyed seeing it from the air as I took off to Chennai or somewhere else.

Today, I’m sharing a different photo…


This is an aerial view of the Wirral. It’s where I grew up.

Where’s the Wirral, you might say?

It’s a small but not insignificant peninsula in between the river Dee and the Mersey, which runs between the Wirral and Liverpool.

You can see from the photo that the river Dee (the far river) has a really wide estuary, narrowing as you go inland towards Chester. On the other side, the Mersey, (near river in the photo) has a narrower entrance but widens as it meets the industrial areas of Runcorn and Stanlow.

Then, the Mersey winds into the countryside but with the sun shining on it, you can just see the dead straight line of the Manchester ship canal, built in the northern town’s textile rich past.

What a lovely view of my childhood home 🙂

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