A New Design Idea

I’m travelling right now: in India, via Dubai and I needed to bring my laptop, so I selected the only one of my handbag designs that fits my laptop. That got me thinking. Why do I only have 1 design in a choice of 3 colours that fits a large laptop?

Nicky for blog 2Nicky Bag

The Nicky bag is a great business bag. I named it Nicky after a customer and now friend, Nicky Kriel.

It was Nicky, who said she loved it for business as her laptop fitted in and there’s also loads of lovely space for papers, files, laptop accessories, spare mini handbag and more.

Today, I saw a new opportunity and a new design. I think Nicky would be fabulous in a beautiful fabric like the ‘Pebble’ jacquard I’ve used before, or a lovely tweed. In order to ‘see’ what this might look like, I ‘mocked up’ the photo above and I decided it looks interesting, so a design sheet followed and we can now wait for the real sample to arrive.

I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

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