A Fashion Revolution?

Next week is Fashion Revolution week. Did you know?

Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit organisation set up in response to the 2013 Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh. With followers worldwide, the organisation seeks to encourage everyone to ask ‘Who Made My Clothes?’

Ethical Fashion

It’s about time I shouted about my fabulous workshop in rural India and how all my designs are ethically handmade, so what better time to tell more about it than during Fashion Revolution week.

Shona Easton workshop ladies

The ladies who make my designs have all been recruited in the last 5 years after we moved our workshop to a rural village about 3 hours from Chennai. Our move to their village created 100’s of jobs and gave them an opportunity to work near home. No long journeys to and from work means they get to spend more time with their kids and families.

I’ll introduce you to a few of them individually very soon.

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