5 uses for my pen case design: Not just a pen case!

Pens & pencils, reading glasses or slim sunglasses: what do you use yours for?

The top 5 uses for this design are:

1. Pencase

2. Spectacle case

3. Make up Brushes case

4. Tampax holder

5. Holder for insulin pen

Can you think of any more uses?

The absolute top 2 reasons that customers buy one or more (generally more!) of this item is because they use it for reading glasses, sunglasses & pens.  There are lots of colours available and so if you have more than one, it’s easy to remember which colour houses your favourite pen and where you keep your reading glasses!

3 of the top uses for the ‘pen case’








By the way, there are 14 colours available (how many!)

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