What’s your Ideal Purse?

Everyone’s ideal purse is different – some like a simple coin holder and use a seperate wallet for cards, others want to be able to fit the kitchen sink in theirs 🙂 I know I can’t please everyone but I try! I’ve recently designed 2 new purses, so here’s a little about them.


The Bertie purse is based on my previous design called Billy. Billy has many fans but it’s compact design means that there is only space for 6 credit cards if you like to keep them in seperate pockets. Bertie is slightly longer with space inside for 12 credit card pockets – room for all your bank and store cards too.


The Annie purse is less structured than Bertie. It’s almost like a small clutch bag with a wrist strap attached to the zip puller. There are 2 slip pockets inside for notes and receipts as well as a credit card holder for 5 cards (or more if you double up).

Bertie Black Annie BrownI sourced some fabulous new leathers for these designs. The black and rich brown leathers have a slightly antique look finish and both are made with contrast interior details so it’s easy to see the contents.

Bertie Annie pink BlueThe hot pink and bright blue leathers are a super soft feel lambskin and these too come with contrast interiors.

Card Security

With contactless payment cards now being issued with higher spending limits, it’s more important than ever to make sure your card details remain secure. Both Annie and Bertie have a special foil interlining which means that your card details are safe inside these purses, ie you can’t use the contactless payment without removing the card from inside the purse.

Design Reviews

Coming soon – independent reviews of both designs. Watch this space to find out what the testers using these purses really think of them.


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