Handbag Review: Handbag Organiser

Pink Organiser FrontReview from Martine, who lives in the UK.

Martine has reviewed the mini hobo handbag in deep purple and along with that bag, I sent her a bonus item – a handbag organiser. These are her comments.

A Perfect Fit

Martine: I love the material and vibrant colours of my new handbag organiser and think it tones very well with my purple mini-hobo. I have never had an organiser before and have now become a complete fan and swap it from bag to bag.

It fits the mini-hobo exactly and does therefore allow for valuables to be zipped up securely. In larger bags, it ensures that my mobile and those little things like pens, tickets and lipsticks are easy to find, saving minutes of groping around to find what I need.

I love the compartments and have definitely become more organised.

Shona: Thank you Martine 🙂

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