Facebook: Has your business page got the new Timeline?

I took the plunge recently and changed both my personal Facebook profile and my business page over to the ‘new timeline’. The new look allows you to upload a huge photo as the main one and a little insert ‘profile’ picture.

This is my current look. I plan to change it from time to time when I find I have a new photo that inspires me but since I spend quite some time at the moment in Doha, I particularly like this picture I took of one of my new ‘Madras’ handheld bags with a little mosque and its minaret almost silhouetted against the early morning sunrise.

The mini profile pic is of me squinting into the sun, one super sunny November day in Ouistreham, France.

It was easy!

Changing over wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be and now I’ve done it – I’m thinking ‘why didn’t I do it earlier!’

Please ‘Like’

If you have a Facebook account do please click on the ‘like’ button on my Handbags page (you’ll find it just below the main pic, to the right hand side) and please feel free to comment on any of the articles, photo’s and other people’s comments you see there! Thank you 🙂

Want to know more?

If you’re not a Facebook user but want to know more, I would thoroughly recommend a session with Nicky Kriel. Nicky can help you with advice and guidance on how best to use all the different social media sites and she also gives plenty of free advice via her website and blog. She helped me set up my Facebook business page a few months ago and taught me how to use it most effectively.

I think I’ve taken it all in – but I’m sure there’s lots more to learn.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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