How To Go Out For The Day With A Tiny Handbag

Leave the carry-all holdall at home, just for once!

Go on – I dare you….. I bet you can manage with a teeny weeny bag! Just try it!

My Tiny Handbag

Here’s my latest bag (I mean the one I reach for when I need a mini bag) and just look at all the stuff I can fit in it (all strictly necessary you understand!)

Handbag: Gina Mini Bag…. it has a zip top opening (v secure) and a back zip pocket and a front slip pocket with magnet. Inside, there is  a further zip pocket in the lining (I think I might have overdone the pockets on a bag this size….having used it quite a lot, but hey – it depends what you put in them!). It also has a key clip in the lining – now this is where my key clip design comes into it’s own – it’s the perfect place to attach your house key so you won’t loose it because you won’t have space for your whole keyring in the handbag!

So what can I fit inside this bag?

1. Small purse, with zip top for notes, coins and room for 1 credit card

2. Lip salve

3. Mobile phone(s). Sometimes I carry 2.

4. House key

5. Pen

6. Wet wipe

7. Passport

8. Business Cards

Don’t think I need anything else but I can also fit a small pair of reading glasses in the bag as long as I take only 1 phone 🙂

New Colours for 2018

Updated in July 2018. This bag, a favourite of many, is now available in Antique Black, Antique Brown, Hot Pink, Navy and Vibrant Blue.

Shona Easton Gina Shoulder BagAre you a big bag or a small bag person? What’s the smallest bag you can manage with for a day – I’d love to hear from you. Come and chat here.

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