100 Years of Vogue: part 2

Following my earlier post about Vogue’s 100th anniversary, I did indeed manage to locate my archive old Vogue magazines from the 1980s. It’s so funny to look back through them and think that this was the height of fashion in those days. It looks so dated now! Here’s this month’s cover and one from 1985.


The 1980’s Key Looks

  • Lip gloss
  • Big shoulders
  • Masculine looks
  • Big hair
  • Frills

The anniversary edition of Vogue this June features fashion through the decades and the look that’s been put together to celebrate the 1980’s covers the big shoulders, glossy lips and big hair.

2016 homage to 1980s

Compare that to a fashion feature from 1985 – even bigger shoulders, lip gloss and big hair! The 1985 photo even does masculine for girls too.

1985 shoulders

I think I’m glad we’re not in the 80’s anymore 🙂

What’s your favourite fashion decade?

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