A Travellers Tale

Today I’m on the move. I’m off to France for a bit of R&R, to see the Tour de France 3 day start in Normandy and maybe get some inspiration for new designs too.


I love travelling with Brittany Ferries. You feel like you’re in France as soon as you board and a little mention of them on Twitter always gets a warm response.

There’s a bit of a rough sea today so I’m keeping myself busy writing this and remembering a lovelier crossing last November.

It was around my birthday when we took the long overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Saint Malo and on waking early in the morning I decided to try my luck and ask Brittany Ferries, via Twitter, if I could be allowed on the Bridge for our arrival in port.


If you don’t ask you don’t get, as they say and luckily enough my birthday wishes were answered and voila, up to the Bridge it was.


What surprising event has happened to you when you’ve been bold enough to ask?

A VIP in France: Bags on Tour

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