An Update on My Story

I have been a designer for many years now and I really love my job. I love creating pieces of art that you can wear and that make you feel amazing. People buy my unique designs for many reasons but at the end of the day it’s because they know my products are beautifully designed and of excellent quality.

I’d like to tell you a little bit more about my work.

When you buy a Shona Easton product, you are buying a unique design; one of MY designs. When I have an idea for a new handbag or purse, I do a few sketches with my ideas and then I draw a very detailed specification for the maker so that they can make a prototype of my new idea.

Harris-Tweed lovelyI personally choose the leather, the lining, even down to the colour of the press stud I’m using and the producers follow my request in every detail to ensure that the sample they make is a perfect as can be.

I find my leathers all over the world, some come from South America, Australia, Italy and I love textile shopping for tweed in Scotland and fabulous cottons and silks in India. When I put fabrics and leathers together, I think of colours that will blend practically as well as being striking to look at.

I take great pride in my work and I want you to have a beautiful product every time you choose one of my designs.

So, this is where I need to get a little personal and tell you more about the real story behind my work. I know I’m a great designer but believe it or not, I didn’t think my work was worth the same as that of other designers. I’ve been doing all this work for years to create my fabulous designs and then I don’t value my work at what it should be. Maybe you can relate to this?

I’ve been on an amazing journey lately. I’ve been able to learn that my designs are on a par with some of the top UK designers. I have recently been told this by an International Distributor. Other people have been saying this to me for years but I’ve not been listening. Now, I believe it’s true.

Changes are Coming

The first change I need to make, is to sell my designs at their real value. So, as of 1st November, the value I put on all wallets & purses will be going up. After that, I’ll be re-valuing handbags and luggage and I’ll write again when my plans are finalised.

So, that is my big news and I’m excited to share it with you and delighted I can offer this opportunity to purchase at my current value before things change.

Blog pic of SLGs

Click here for purses, wallets, phone covers and iPad covers.

If you have any comments or questions, please share them in the comments space on this blog post. Thank you.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of my design journey with you.



PS, apologies if you got this news last week via my mailing list and are receiving it again.

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