Peach Apple Melon Smoothie

Apple Melon Peach smoothie 1I made this one yesterday but it’s so yummy, I’m having it again today.

Saturday Smoothie


1/2 a large apple cored and sliced

3 slices of galia melon

1 peach, stoned and sliced

Juice of 1 orange

About 100-150ml coconut water

Ice (if needed)


Put all ingredients except ice into a blender and whizz until smooth. I didn’t use ice because everything except the apple came out of the fridge so was nice and cold already. Serves 2.

Nova: A Design from the Archives

Here’s another photo of one of my ‘old’ designs… A real blast from the past! This black soft handheld bag was from my Nova collection which I first produced in 2002. The bags were all made in a super soft double sided faux suede with leather handles, base and trim. You may still have one…

Competition: Win a Luxury Leather case

Some time ago I wrote about the many uses for various small leather items in my collection. A purse is not just a purse, as I say, it can have many uses. My simplest designs are the best for this and I’ve written about some of them here before. You might want to check out…

Queen B Handbags

Woohoo, the first lot of my Queen B limited edition bags are on their way! Here are some quick photos taken at the workshop just before they were packed up to be shipped to me. We’re making this design in very small lots as firstly, it’s a limited edition (so no more than 10 or…

Bailey Bridge: A Restoration Project

The workers I referred to in yesterday’s post are currently re-painting the WW11 Bailey bridge (that was saved in 2008) at Pont Farcy in Normandy. This historic bridge, was once part of the Mulberry harbour at Arromanches, helping the allies land military material safely in Normandy following D-Day in 1944. Later it was moved inland and…

Raspberry Lime Orange Drizzle Cake

I was asked to make a pudding for ‘the workers’ today (I’ll tell more tomorrow) but the weather is stunningly gorgeous, all the doors and windows are open and I don’t want to go shopping, so the only thing to do is check out what’s in the cupboards and adapt a recipe to fit what…

The Transformers

Once again we tumbled on a small town festival in Normandy today in Portbail. The opening highlight was a band dressed in overalls playing bits of car, pipe, metal, wood. And not a real instrument in sight đŸ™‚ Mission impossible, you might say! Bizarre but fun. I invite you to beat that!

Was it the Bread you wanted, or the Bag?

I’ve written a few posts about the Tour de France in the last couple of weeks since I’ve been in Normandy, where Le Tour started at the Mont St Michel on July 2nd. Today my friend happened to buy 2 Baguettes de Tradition and woohoo… they came in Tour de France bags. I’m sure it…

Sunrise: I must get up to see this more often!

I got up very early this morning to say goodbye to my bestie who has been visiting from Australia. As she left I noticed the beautiful sunrise and dawn breaking over the hills here in Normandy so I thought I’d share my photos as today’s post. The sun rises over the hill behind the house…

Nautica: A Design from the Archives

I love it when I spot one of my older designs from around 2003, still out and about and being loved. Here is a friend who is still using bags she had from me years ago. This is the ‘Nautica’ small handheld. I was inspired at the time by the zig zag stitching and big…