British Wool Week 2016

This week (10-16) October is Wool Week in the UK. It’s a time to celebrate the wonderful wool we make in the British Isles, so here are some of my woolly photos from 2016.

Harris Tweed

Shona Easton Grey Harris Tweed HH

If you want a super #EthicalFashion handbag, my Harris Tweed collection combines authentic hand-woven Scottish tweed from the crofts of the Isle of Harris with giving employment to nearly all the women of a village in rural India.

I send the tweed I buy to my workshop in India and they hand-craft each bag or purse, one by one. It took me a while to impress upon them, how special this tweed is and how careful they must be with it but now they totally get it and we don’t waste an inch. After all its almost the same price as leather!

Fine Highland Tweed

3 tweed bags

These fine tweets come from Johnston’s of Elgin and are woven in their Highland mill.

Handmade to High Tech

Johnston’s also have a mill in Hawick, in the Scottish borders and I was fortunate enough to get a private tour earlier this year.


Their brand new super high tech knitting machine was still being tested when I saw it. It will be used to make the finest quality cashmere knitted garments.


These cashmere gloves were yet to be hand finished and then washed. It’s the washing part of the process that gives the cashmere it’s softness.

Wool On The Farm

If you want to try spinning your own wool, I might know a sheep farmer or 3 🙂

Are you wearing British wool this week?

Bags On Tour: New York

The turquoise Roanne tote has just been to New York on a fabulous holiday. It seems that quite a lot of shopping was involved 🙂 Thank you to Elizabeth O’Shea and daughters for sending in all these brilliant #BagsOnTour photos. You can see more of them on Instagram and Pinterest. Save Save Save

Why I’m a Fan of Contactless Cards

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Exposed: A Counterfeit Design

I’ve been in a bit of a daze for a week now; ever since I realised that a company that I actually know, has stolen two of my designs and is passing them off as their own. It’s bad practice, bad business and to say that I’m livid is an understatement. I make my living…

A New Life

Sometimes something happens and you just sit back and think about life. This is my 3 day old (step)grandson. Gorgeous 🙂 One day, he’ll inspire me for a new man bag design!

An Aerial View

If you live in London or another big city and you travel out of it by airplane, you might have been fortunate enough to get an aerial view of your home/work place as you take off. I used to have an office on a farm in the Gatwick flight path and I so enjoyed seeing…

Bags On Tour: Edinburgh

Hello from Edinburgh. #BagsOnTour at the east end of Princes Street by the Walter Scott monument. By Princes Street Gardens looking towards the castle. I’m using the Joey small shoulder bag on this trip. It’s perfect for hands free shopping and is big enough to hold all the essentials. Woohoo! I see my designs in an…

A Photography Day

It was one of the hottest days of the summer on Thursday when we had a photography day booked, so everyone was melting in the studio with the door closed and the lights on! Here’s one I took of the photographer, Jill behind the camera and Jo, modelling our new Queen B bags. Following a…

Z is for Zekreet

Anyone been to Zekreet? The Zekreet peninsular is over in the west of Qatar, about 80km from the capital Doha. The nearest town is Dukhan but there’s not a lot there, so if you plan to visit Zekreet, take a 4 wheel drive, plenty of water and a picnic. This is taken from Google maps,…

Y is for Yellow Handbags

Yellow is a fairly new colour in my collection and I like having it there but I used to shy away from it as it’s not a colour I can personally wear. But for the people who suit it, I say go for it because it’s very bold and bright and happy colour. Yellow #BagsOnTour One of my…