International Women’s Day 2018: Part 2

Yesterday, over on Twitter, I posted 24 International Women for International Women’s Day and for those not on Twitter the first 12 were featured in yesterday’s blog post.

Today, I give you my second lot of 12 amazing International Women…


International Woman #13, Sujatha

Sujatha makes handbags and purses at my workshop in rural India. This photo was taken for Fashion Revolution week in 2016. You can find out more about Sujatha here.


International Woman #14, Natalie Cooper

Natalie Cooper is a Voice Over Girl extraordinaire. She’s even sent me a #BagsOnTour photo from Hollywood no less! I love this gorgeously minimal black and white look with a bright orange Patty handbag


International Woman #15, Julie Dennis

When I arrived at the One Woman Conference in London it was fabulous to bump into my handbag ‘twin’ Julie Dennis. I couldn’t resist asking another friend to take a photo of us with our matching purple Queen B bags.


International Woman #16, Jane Lewis

Dr Jane Lewis, coach, mentor, teacher, healer and brightly coloured handbag owner. Here she is with her orange Milano hobo handbag, posing for one of my #BagsOnTour series of photos. Thanks Jane!


International Woman #17, Emma Sargent

Emma Sargent, a very successful business coach, was also spotted at the One Woman Conference. Emma was carrying her plum Napoli suede handbag on her arm. Beware – if I spot you with one of my designs, I’m likely to ask for a photo. I love collecting photos and finding out more about their owners! Thank you Emma 🙂


International Woman #18, Maheswari

Maheswari works in the sample room at my #EthicalFashion workshop in Chennai, India. Here she is checking a new sample that’s just been made for me.


International Woman #19, Joy Burnford

International woman number 19, Joy Burnford, actually responded to me just yesterday from Florida with this photo of her and her turquoise pencase outside the Sarasota ballet. Nice colour co-ordination, Joy! And thank you for thinking of me on your holidays 🙂


International Woman #20, Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel owns so many of my designs and regularly sends me photos from her travels all over the world, that I had to include her for a second time in my list of 24 International women. Here she is with her Nicky bag (I named it after her). This photo was taken on her recent trip when she was one of the speakers at the annual Social Media Marketing World conference in California. #SMMW


International Woman #21, My Mum

A couple of years into retirement, my Mum & Dad went into Trailfinders and organised themselves a ‘gap year’ around the world trip. And ever since then, they’ve been the best at sending me #BagsOnTour photos from all around the world. I think Dad must have been lying on the floor to get this one of the navy Gina mini handbag and the Chrysler building all in one shot!


International Woman #22, Kate in NYC

Here’s another travelling handbag photo, sent in by my friend Nick. Nick and his daughter Kate were at Gay pride in New York last year and this is just one of the #BagsOnTour photos he sent me of Kate’s Trekker satchel.


International Woman #23, Geri in Dubai

I was passing through Dubai last year on my way to India when friends invited me to stop over and join a DH3 (Desert Hash House Harriers) reunion brunch. As the talk turned to bags and business, Geri plucked her (now fairly old) lilac credit card case out of her handbag. She sure does look after it – it looks as good as new! Thanks for the #BagsOnTour photo, Geri.


International Women #24, Pramilla, Monica and Masthanamma

This photo was taken in the garden outside my rural Indian workshop near Chennai. Pramilla is our workshop manager, Monica works in quality control and also makes wallets and Masthanamma is our book-keeper. We’re all modelling a selection of designs from a couple of years ago.

Thanks to all my International Women for 2018. I hope you enjoyed meeting them.


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